When Dr. Cheryl Netterfield worked as a Reg Force physician for the Canadian Armed Forces, she was concerned that collaborative health care to soldiers with complex issues was not optimal. She discovered that valuable information was not communicated well between all of the health care providers. During interdisciplinary case conferences, it was evident that the sharing of information for the care of the patient was not efficient.

POMMe-Health, a customizable communication platform, was created to address the issue of inefficient provider and patient communication and collaboration.

POMMe stands for “Patient Outcome Management and Measurement”. The app provides an adjunct tool for health care providers to work better collaboratively and thereby, enhance patient outcomes.

POMMe-Health, Inc is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

Vision & Mission Statements

POMMe-Health’s Vision: One common language for health care providers; starting now and forever. POMMe-Health's Mission: To become the best care management platform for truly collaborative health care. To allow patients to enhance their functionality and live their best quality of life.


Dr. Cheryl Netterfield, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip Sports Medicine

Cheryl is a Family Physician with over 24 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and special interests in occupational, disability and sports medicine. She is passionate about making collaborative care more efficient and improving functionality and quality of life for complex patients.