Value-based healthcare for everyone.

POMMe-Health delivers a customizable, patient-centric communication platform that rapidly measures and tracks functional outcomes. Relevant performance metrics and healthcare KPIs that measurably improve a patient's quality of life. Big data analytics provide predictive information to implement proactive interventions.

Health care decisions driven by information from both the clinician and the patient. A collaborative platform that empowers disconnected teams to unite with clarity, context and confidence.

Comprehensive and Simple

The complete physical, emotional and social view of a patient

We will define a patient by the person they are and the environment they live in, not by their diagnosis. POMMe-Health allows health care providers, the patient and their family to easily input information about the complete patient.


A platform that is as unique as the patient in their environment.

Information gathering that is adaptable. Features dependant on the characteristics of the patient. Health care providers and the patient can control what is measured.


Sharing ideas, not just collating information

True collaboration is the exchange of information and ideas between team members to develop the best plan for the delivery of healthcare. Collaboration involves trust and transparency; hallmarks of the highest level of integrated teamwork.

Continuous and Proactive

Tracking progress over time

The ability to measure patient’s outcomes over time allows everyone to continuously monitor and improve the delivery of care. Identifying patterns in change in functioning provides an alert for potential risks ... the team can now be proactive.

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